PAPISMA Khatan Nusantara Sabah 6.0

Circling Sabah to Circumcise

8-10 DECEMBER 2018- A total number of 27 doctors from various states have teamed up under the name of (PAPISMA) to initiate a curcimsion programme in 9 different location in Sabah. This is the sixth time this programme had been since 2013. Not only this community service aims to give a hand to those who are not fortunate enough to curcimsise in hospitals, but also promoting a newly-established institutions all over our beloved state of Sabah. “We want to popularize the brand-new, soon to be officially open for the public institution,” said Dr. Awisul Islah bin Ghazali, one of the leader of this operation.

On the first day, these doctors have divided into three teams : one in Tambunan, one in Kunak, one in Nabawan. As stated above, they organized the operations at new buildings in order to promote them. For example, the Tambunan team organized their activities at s Nurul Iman, Kampung Karanaan, which was recently built earlier this year. Numerous children from various ages and schools had gathered, bringing along varying degree of fear. Luckily, the fire deparment managed to ease their tensions by giving them the most awesome bathing experience in their lives. At the end of the day, the three teams successfully turned a total of 130 children into “adults” (29 in Tambunan, 53 in Kunak, 48 in Nabawan) although some were too afraid to remove their dirty parts. “ Four had lost before the fight,” said Shakiran, a member of the group. Thereafter, the Tambunan, Kunak and Nabawan teams traveled to Kota Belud, Semporna and Sipitang respectively to continue their operations.

On the following day, the programme is resumed with no difficulties. The first team continue their noble deeds at Sekolah Rendah Islam Teras Integrasi (SRITI) Kota Belud. Just as the previous spot, this school was brand new and will be officially opened in 2019. Once again, the teams achieved an enormous success after curcimcising 131 children : 42 in Kota Belud, 27 in Semporna, and 62 in Sipitang. On the third and final day, the Kota Belud team moved to Sepanggar and managed to offer their services to 48 children. In the meanwhile, the Semporna team pressed on to Tawau and circumcise 32 children while the Sipitang team wrapped things up by curcimcising 59 children in Petagas, making the number of circumcised children that day as 129.

After 3 days of endless hard work, the 27 righteous doctors have succeeded in giving benefits to the society. 400 “real men” from 9 different places as a result of their teamwork, and even more to come in the following years thanks to the noble labors by these honorable individuals.